Illuminating the moments that matter

Achieving growth in today’s complex world requires a precise understanding of how to influence decisions. Most of the time, people make choices in a tuned-out, low involvement mode.

But there are also moments when existing habits break, different brands are tried, new needs identified, and new behaviours established.

So how do you identify these moments of extraordinary potential?

We bring human understanding to every business challenge, using sensitive elicitation, observation and interpretation skills to get under the skin of a ‘moment’ – and help transform your business.


Our Qualitative research tools:

Winning the brand share battle

ConversionModel provides detailed insights into category dynamics and spending patterns, pinpointing opportunities to attract new consumers, build brand desire and market presence.

Decoding customer relationships

relationshipTRI*M helps you create stronger customer loyalty by unlocking the unique code that lies at the heart of every successful customer relationship.

Combining rigour and creativity to inspire high-potential growth ideas

Innovations are rooted in understanding and resolving consumer tensions. This calls for a process that combines sensitive understanding of consumer realities with a creative exploration of possibilities.

Partnering with some of the world’s best qualitative practitioners

Our researchers have diverse backgrounds, specialisms and passions, ranging from psychology to cultural anthropology, behavioural economics, linguistics, semiotics, philosophy as well as brands and marketing expertise.

Developing strategies that resonate with your target markets

The business environment has become more global and multi-cultural, and you might be asked to stretch into environments and cultures you don’t always intuitively understand. Many taken-for-granted assumptions are being challenged, and a sound appreciation of these new contexts is essential for your business to deliver what it needs to.